Wild Boar Taxidermy For Sale

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Feral Crossbreed Hog,
huge tusks, small head
For Sale:  $300.00

Black Lop Eared Hog
Small Hog Mount
For Sale:  $250.00
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WD 60- Blond/Black Large Boar
Natural Teeth
FOR SALE:  $450.00

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WD 66- Black Boar
Natural Tusks
FOR SALE:  $400.00
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WD 64- Razorback Hog
Normal Tusks
Large Hog

FOR SALE:  $400.00
WD 68- Small Black Hog
Natural Tusks
FOR SALE:  $300.00
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Blond Hog Rear End
Great novelty gift!!
For Sale: $150.00
Black Hog Rear End
Great man cave gift!!
For Sale: $150.00
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Whitetail Deer Gunrack
For Sale: $125.00
Florida Whitetail Deer Mount
9 pt-in a Full Sneak
For Sale: $250.00
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WOLF1- Beautiful artic wolf 84" from tip of nose to tip of tail, mounted on 48" x 30" x 6" oak base with snow scene and tundra plants for a natural Alaskan artic wolf scene.
For Sale: $4,000.00

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