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Alligator Taxidermy For Sale

Alligator Taxidermy Mounts For Sale:

~Visit Kennedy Space Center's new Nature and Technology building to see two of our life-sized alligator mounts ~



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AL 129-  4' 2"

Skinny snouted gator, ready to lunge sideways

For Sale: $570.00






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Al 124 - 4 foot, 4 inch Alligator Mount
Lunging forward, S-curve in tail

For Sale: $590.00  





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AL 137 - 4 foot, 8 inch Alligator taxidermy mount for sale
14" wide at back legs, 14 " wide at front legs, top of head 8" tall

Great colors, "S" curved tail, full body alligator mount

 For Sale: $620.00









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Al 109 - 4 foot, 11 inch Alligator Mount
 Walking tall and stretching out

For Sale: $700.00  







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AL 139- Alligator Taxidermy Mount

16" wide at front legs, 18" wide at back legs, 11" tall (to top of head)

Beautiful bright headed gator with slight "S" curve to the right

5' 8" full body alligator mount for sale

 For Sale: $875.00  




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Faux Deer Mounts
 for sale!

For Sale

Whitetail Deer
For Sale

Large Mammal

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